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30Kg Gas Coffee Roaster

Roaster Model ZA-30
Roast Capacity 5kg-35kg/cycle
Hourly Output: 105kg (base on 20 min cycle)
Heating Source Nature Gas | LPG
Drum Speed: 0-100%
Fire adjustment: 0-100%
Air damper control: 0-100%
Cooling time: 1-2 minutes
Operation System: Windows and Android device
Connection: Bluetooth wireless
Roasting Data: Profile storage, export, and print
Package Weight : 1000KGS
Machine Dimension 2500mm×1200mm×2380mm
industrial 30kg smart roaster
smart roasting

ZA Smart Roasting System

Windows PC, tablet, and android mobile app supports,  real-time roasting data visual display, temperature, time, airflow, turning point, RoR, Yellow, First-crack, Development rate, Second-crack etc.

Manual mode and auto mode controllable. Curve available with bean temperature curve, exhaust temperature curve, fire curve and damper curve, import and export supports.
Bluetooth connection, communication distance upto10 meters  can achieve remote roasting control.
industrial 30kg smart roaster30kg smart roasterindustrial 30kg smart roaster
zc coffee roaster
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