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Santoker coffee roaster R500 master

FOB Reference Price

$4,750.00 $5,000.00

  • santoker coffee roaster R500 master Batch 100g-700g/time
  • Far-IR inner drum.
  • Touch screen operation
  • Real-time data display.
  • Data storage is available.
  • Data sharing.
  • Automatic roasting.
  • Variable drum speed control.
  • One-button copy profile
  • Curve downloads available.
  • Roasting curve self-correcting.



Santoker R500 Master

Batch capacity: 100g-700g

Roaster type: Semi hot air

Fire heat: 3800 kcal

Dimension: 75cm*60cm*85cm

Power: 220V 300W

Gas pressure: 2.8Kpa (LPG) 1.2Kpa (NG)

Drum : Shaftless inner drum with FIR ceramic coating

Weight: 85kg

New released Santoker coffee roaster R500 master for sale

Santoker coffee roaster R500 master

Santoker R500 master Specialty  700g Coffee Roaster

  • Golden brand top quality 
  • 16 minutes temperature raising per minute, no bitter taste, 3 minutes cooling down keep the flavor.
  • Integrated insulation design, stable running no more nuisance.
New updates of Santoker- R500 Master Specialty Coffee Roaster
  1. Updates Auto-green bean release & Auto roasted discharge function.
  2. Updates Colorful lED touch screen & real-time observe data.
  3. New inner drum design, improved heat storage capability.
  4. Auto copy roasting, save cost.
  5. Hot-air premixing technique, improving hot air connvection ratio.
  6. Auto-circulation drum preat function.
  7. Flame failure protection (with timer function)
  8. Working fan no maintenance needed, Simenz control switch.
200g small coffee roaster

200g small coffee roasterWhat’s the benifits of Shaftless inner drum?

Shaftless inner drum is the best design solution for small batch coffee roasters, in a small batch roaster’s drum, there’s no central-shaft bothering beans, the coffee bean can get a ideal drum environment and better motion trail, and this improves the uniformity and flavor of final coffee bean. 

santoker coffee roaster R500 master

What’s the advantage of Far IR ceramic coating?

  • Santoker R500 master’s inner drum equipped with far-infrared ceramic layer, the surface of the inner drum has a layer of plasma-sprayed infrared ceramic, which can emit far-infrared light penetrate the coffee beans for extra heat radiation.
  • The inner and outer ceramic coatings provide an additional protection layer for the coffee beans, which can reducing the bitterness and perfectly presenting the flavor of the specialty coffee.coffee roaster R500 master

shaftless inner drum

The left one is santoker's R500 master which adopts shaftless drum technology, the coffee bean has a perfect movement track and has a long stay time in the air. While the right drum has a central axis design, the coffee bean movement track is easily blocked. A good stirrer design allows the beans to move in a regular path and heat evenly, ensuring that the coffee beans have a higher heat transfer ratio and a longer time to stay in the air and evenly heat distribution.

200g small coffee roaster

  • Improved fire burning system, make sure more precise control and efficient heat supplying.
  • Maximum 16 Celsius degree  temperature raising per minute, 1st crack can be achieved within 8 minutes.

santoker R500master shaftless drum

coffee bean rotation trail in shaftless drum

200g small coffee roasterQUICK COOLING

R500 master cooling tray

Powerful stirring motor and air fan make sure fast cooling within 3 minutes. 

200g small coffee roasterSilver skin filtration no more smoke

  • Professional silver skin filtration system
  • Silver skin sucked out instantly, Smoke-free
  • Professional chaff collector, silver skin filtration efficiency can achieve 95%.

Santoker coffee roaster R500 master

Maintenance-free design

Santoker coffee roaster R500

  • Bluetooth Plus USB double channel data transfer
  • HONGDOUBANG Plus ROASTMASTER wireless record
  • Artisan PC platform.

200g small coffee roasterEasy to use, maintenance-free.

  • Just need daily clean silver skin, no need professional maintenance in normal use.
  • Mechanic newbie can easy operate.

santoker coffee roaster r500 master

Santoker coffee roaster R500 master 1

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Additional information

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 75 × 60 × 85 cm

Santoker R500 Master

Roasting Capacity

Heating Source

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1P 110V 60 Hz, 1P 220V 50Hz


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Total Power




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Automatic 1kg coffee roasting machine for sale

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touch screen

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  • Double-wall drum
  • Touch screen operation
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  • Real-time data display.
  • Data storage is available.
  • One-button copy profile
  • Curve downloads available.
  • Roasting curve self-correcting.


Santoker R3master for sale

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