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Roasted coffee bean destoner for sale

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The vacuum automatic coffee bean destoner, which can remove impurities, purify the materials, it use vacuum to screen and separate fine particles, and remove mixed stone or  metal particles in coffee beans.


Roasted coffee bean destoner for sale 5

ZSD-12 roasted coffee bean destoner

ZDS-12 can perfectly remove foreign matter such like sand, stone and metal debris etc from roasted coffee beans.

  • Batch processing: 20kg
  • Power:220V 1000W
  • Low power, small space.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Don’t need to be fixed on the bracket.
  • Bottom castors, easy moveable.
  • 97% stone removal.

ZC Machinery specializes in supplying superior quality commercial coffee roaster machine equipment, Electrostatic Smoke Filter, coffee grinder, coffee bean destoner and other coffee accessories at affordable prices and fast delivery time in order to meet your particular business requirements. Our skilled people with rich experiences to support you to be success in coffee field in anyway we can. We much concern about our customers and only provide the highest level of service, quality products and professional advice.

We are expecting to discuss with you about your business together.

Additional information

Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 95 × 45 × 203 cm



1P 220V 50Hz


Maximum 20kg/batch

Total Power



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