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Mini coffee sample roaster 200g

FOB Reference Price

$1,200.00 $1,285.00

Suitable for 100g-250g batch roasting.

Touch screen operation.

New updated green bean loading hopper.

Transparent quartz glass drum.

10-levels fire power adjustment

Roasted bean discharge handle

Variable drum speed and fan speed adjustable

Bluetooth connect to PC or mobile App

Artisan software compatible


IOC302 Mini coffee sample roaster 200g

Batch capacity: 100g-250g

3 groups of timer: roasting process/1st crack/2nd crack

Bluetooth connect to PC, mobile

Roaster Dimension: 22cm*12cm*19cm

Package Dimension: 46cm*16cm*32cm

Voltage : 100V/110V/120V/220V/240V

Power: 400W,  Noise: 50DB

Temperature: 0-240C

N.W.: 4.8kg      G.W.: 6kg

Main features of IOC302 mini coffee sample roaster

  • Touch screen digital display panel.
  • Far infrared heat radiation heat source.
  • Nano-technology accelerated heating
  • Nano heating tube fast heating
  • Bluetooth computer connection
  • 110V-400W safe and low power consumption.
  • Support mobile phone App and computer Artisan software,  easy to operate
  • For small amount of roasting sampling.
  • For  variety roasting and make the desired roasting curve.
  • Far-infrared cylinder heating, similar to direct fire, sufficient firepower, can evenly penetrate beans, good roasting flavor.
  • Can use for roasting training demonstration and roasting sharing.

Usage advantage

  • Small footprint can be placed in kitchen, make roasting under kitchen range hood.
  • Transparent quartz drum, can observe bean changes.

coffee sample roaster 200g
Mini coffee sample roaster 200g 2

High-temperature nano-roasting oven: It consists of double-layer quartz heat-resistant 1400°C glass tube. The outer layer of the inner tube provides nano-class fire-free fast heating source. The outer quartz tube provides heat insulation, dustproof and electric shock resistance.

Do not touch the high temperature effect during the roasting operation and before the cooling, so as not to burn. When there are some residues or dirt in the cabinet after several roasting, when you drop to room temperature, please add a few drops of water with a nozzle or brush and technical foam to adjust the angle of the blender to a clean angle. It can be cleaned by washing.

Special attentions

1.Roasted bean cooling fan hole and silver suction fan hole.

When used for a long time, the wind path will be blocked by silver skin debris. Please use air “nozzle" to blow the opposite wind direction of the wind route to help clean up and let the air path of the exhaust motor Smooth and play normal functions.

2.The roasting body is not removable, so as to avoid internal electric shock and damage the internal parts. If the violation of the use regulations, the company is not responsible for all the responsibility)

Mini coffee sample roaster 200g

coffee sample roaster 200g

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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 46 × 16 × 32 cm



1P 110V 60 Hz, 1P 220V 50Hz

Roasting Capacity

Roaster Dimension

22*12*19 cm

Total Power



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200g sample coffee roaster for sale

  • Sample roasts 50g-200g/batch.
  • roasting time 6-15 minutes.
  • Cast-iron drum semi-hot air
  • Drum speed 83 r.p.m.
  • Timer function.
  • OLED screen with multi-mode display.
  • Removable cooling tray
  • Air cooling.
  • Individual chaff cyclone.
  • USB data output & BlueTooth.
  •  Gas heating (LPG or NG options)
  • Gas pressure indicator.
  • Stepless fire-control.
  • Venturi premix burner system.
  • 16C per minute temperature rising.
  • Bean temp. & hot air temp.& vent temp. measurement.

Home 200g Small Coffee Roaster


1.LPG, Nature Gas available

2.Shaftless drum

3.Far infrared ceramics coating inner pot

4.Japan FUJI BT&ET temperature meter

5.16C temperature rising/minute, 3 minutes cooling down

6.Double channel temperature curve output.

7.USB, Bluetooth : ROASTMASTER, ARTISAN fully compatible

8. China direct export , oversea shipping by sea, air , Fedex, DHL is available

Home 200g Small Coffee Roaster