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gas 3 kg coffee roasters for sale

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gas 3 kg coffee roasters for sale

Batch capacity: 500g~3.2kg

Roaster type: Semi hot air

Drum: Cast Iron Double wall

Heating source: ELECTRIC/LPG/NG

Weight.: 165KG 

Size: L 112cm,W 73cm,H 125cm

New updates of Santoker R3 Master gas 3 kg coffee roasters
  1. Updates Auto-green bean release & Auto roasted discharge function.
  2. Updates Colorful LED touch screen & real-time observe data.
  3. New inner drum design, improved heat storage capability.
  4. Auto copy roasting, save cost.
  5. Hot-air premixing technique, improving hot air connvection ratio.
  6. Auto-circulation drum preat function.
  7. Flame failure protection (with timer function)
  8. Working fan no maintenance needed, Simenz control switch.
200g small coffee roaster

One-touch Preheat

With temperature control function, it turn off automatically when temperature higher than the preset while make auto-ignition if  temperature below the preset. One-touch preheat drum, no need to repeat these steps manually.

Built-in temperature probe

Overall design ensure real-data drum temperature grabbing.

Dense straight-row burner 

As you wish more precise and bigger fire control, effcient heat supply.

Hot air temperature& Bean temperature dual display

Internation brand Japan FUJI temperature controller, real-time display Bean temperature and hot air temprature.

3 mintues quick cooling

Santoker commercial roaster with 3 minutes quicking cooling while the other common commercial roaster might need 5-8 minutes. 

Santoker roaster


Santoker roaster

3kg shop coffee roaster

Double wall drum

Double wall drum reduces conduction heat, optimizes hot air ratio in roasting. Even  with 16C temperature rise per minute, the coffee surface won’t be scorching or burnt, enhances flavors.

Rotary drum speed adjustable

Control drum speed & convection heat ratio of hot air , roasters are free to explore the best body and flavor.

Roasting curve output

Bluetooth mobile support recording roasting curve, auto-calculates temperature-increase, dynamic display roasting data. 

Air pressure self-balancing/monitor

Real-time monitoring air pressure of exhaust duct system.

70% hot air ratio

The machanical damper controlling airflow and the hot air induces sufficient heat come into drum apply to coffee beans and accumulates more fragrance in development stage.

santoker 3kg coffee roaster shop coffee roasterroasting curve

  • Improved fire burning system, make sure more precise control and efficient heat supplying.
  • Maximum 16 Celsius degree  temperature raising per minute, 1st crack can be achieved within 8 minutes. 


santoker 3kg coffee roaster

Silver skin filtration no more smoke 

Professional silver skin filtration system 

Silver skin sucked out instantly, Smoke-free

Professional chaff collector, silver skin filtration efficiency can achieve 95%.

Easy to use, maintenance-free.

Maintenance-free design, just need daily clean silver skin, no need professional maintenance in normal use. Mechanic newbie can easy operate.

shop coffee roaster
Maintenance-free air fan
Santoker R3master gas 3kg coffee roaster equipped with custom exhaust fan which can avoid silver skin blockage, ensure more precise ET measurement and roasting performance.
gas 3 kg coffee roasters for sale 9

200g small coffee roasterQuick cooling 

When finish roasts, simultaneous keep the original aromatic flavor of coffee beans.

santoker roaster 3kgsantoker R3master

Santoker coffee roaster R500

  • Bluetooth Plus USB double channel data transfer
  • HONGDOUBANG Plus ROASTMASTER wireless record
  • Artisan PC platform.

gas 3 kg coffee roasters for sale 10

ZC Machinery specializes in supplying superior quality commercial coffee roasting equipment, Electrostatic Smoke Filter, coffee grinder, and coffee accessories at affordable prices and fast delivery time to meet your particular business requirements. Our skilled people with rich experiences to support you to be success in coffee field in anyway we can. We much concern about our customers and only provide the highest level of service, quality products and professional advice.

We are expecting to discuss with you about your business together.

Additional information

Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 112 × 73 × 125 cm


Roasting Capacity

Heating Source

, ,


1P 110V 60 Hz, 1P 220V 50Hz





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