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Best gas commercial coffee roaster 2kg

FOB Reference Price

$5,499.00 $5,599.00

Cast-iron drum semi-hot air.

OLED screen

Venturi premix burner.

Heat management system

Overheat warning.

Mechanical damper adjust airflow.

Separate chaff collector

Independent cooling tray.

Real-time gas pressure indicator.

CE compliant.


Best gas commercial coffee roaster 2kg for sale



shop coffee roaster

Optimized Thermodynamic

Efficient and fast electric heating system, shorter heating delay, new design intergrated structure, optimized direct hot air ratio, thicker cast iron drum with better insulation performance.

HB 2kg coffee roasting machine

Roasting capacity 500g-2000g
Heat source Gas
Roast time 8-20 minutes
Drum type Direct fire and half hot air
Total power 450W
Drum speed 0-86 rpm (defaut 65 rpm)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas 0-0.3m3/hr
Nature Gas 0-0.6m3/hr
Cooling & exhaust duct diameter 80mm
Dimension 1150×500×895 mm

New temperature acquisition system

4 sets of temperature data monitoring

(outlet air temperature, inlet air temperature, bean temperature, system temperature)

Screen shows any three sets of data as you will


4 sets of temperature data monitoring

(outlet air temperature, inlet air temperature, bean temperature, system temp.)

Specifications of commercial coffee roaster 2kg

Relative Humidity (RH): <95 Max Roast Capacity: 2.2kg
Ambient Temperature: 0-40 ℃ Recommend Roast Volume: 500g-2kg
Roaster Type: Semi Air/ Semi Direct Heating Max Production: 8kg/Hour
Roasting Time: Approx. 8-15 minutes Total Power: 450w
Liquid gas usage: 0-0.3m3/h Cooling rotate speed: 20 r.p.m
Natural gas usage: 0-0.6m3/h Drum rotate speed: 65(default,0-86) r.p.m
Exhaust pipe: 80mm Hot air flow: 5.08m3/min
Cooling pipe: 80mm Cooling air flow: 9.5m3/min
Chaffe Collector Size: 320*320*1130mm Chaff Collector Weight: 37kg
Machine Size: 1150*500*895mm Roaster Weight: 170kg

2kg coffee roasting machine  2kg gas coffee roaster|commercial coffee roasters for sale|commercial coffee roaster 2kg

Solid and durable plywood crate packing ,  make sure transportation more safe for the 2kg shop coffee roaster. 


2kg gas coffee roaster
2kg coffee roaster
commercial semi-hot air coffee roaster 2kg
2kg gas coffee roaster

1.Green bean hopper 9.Air dial damper 17.Discharge slope 25.Cooling outlet 
2.Bean inlet channel 10.Control panel 18.Chaff drawer 26.Exhaust power 
3.Fire view window 11.Fire panel 19.Power cord 27.Hot air fan 
4.Bluetooth Antenna 12.Electric box 20.Access door 28.Cyclone inet
5.USB port 13. Green bean switch 21.Gas inlet 29.Hot air outlet
6.Exhaust probe 14.Sampler 22.Cooler chaff access 30.Collector silo
7.Bean probe 15.Drop handle 23.Burning room 31.Debris bucket
8.Sight glass 16. cooling tray 24. Electric air   

2kg coffee roaster

OLED Screen

commercial coffee roaster 2kg
commercial coffee roaster 2kg

SEPARATE COOLING TRAY(3 minutes quick cooling)

commercial coffee roaster 2kg

Easy to check and opertate

Best gas commercial coffee roaster


ZC Machinery specializes in supplying superior quality commercial coffee roasting equipment, Electrostatic Smoke Filter, coffee grinder, and coffee accessories at affordable prices and fast delivery time to meet your particular business requirements. Our skilled people with rich experiences to support you to be success in coffee field in anyway we can. We much concern about our customers and only provide the highest level of service, quality products and professional advice.

We are expecting to discuss with you about your business together.

Additional information

Weight 190 kg
Dimensions 120 × 90 × 100 cm



1P 110V 60 Hz, 1P 220V 50Hz

Heating Source

, ,

Total Power


LPG Consumption


Nature Gas Consumption


Drum Motor


Cooling Mixing Motor


Cooling Fan


Drum Speed


Cooling Mixing Speed


Exhaust motor


Roaster Dimension

115*50*89.5 cm

Chaff Cyclone Dimension

32*32*113 cm


Standard Export Plywood crate



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