50G 150G 350G Hot Air Roasters Electric Home Coffee Roaster

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About 7-45 days depending on model
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30 days 5-7 days 5-7 days
150g artisan150g artisan150g automatic150g automatic150g standard150g standard350g artisan350g artisan350g automatic350g automatic350g standard350g standard50g automatic50g automatic50g manual50g manual

50G 150G 350G Hot Air Roasters  Parameters

80g hot air roaster

Model :  P5

Roasting capacity: 50g - 80g

Heating power: 1700w

Blower power: 120w

Voltage: 220v 50hz

Dimension: 251×160×37mm

Gross weight: 8kg

150g hot air roaster

Model: BP-150

Roasting capacity: 50g - 150g

Heating power: 3300w

Blower power: 200w

Voltage: 220v 50hz

Dimension: 265×170×520mm

Package size: 450×340×240mm

Gross weight: 9kg

350g hot air roaster

Model: BP-350

Heating power:3300w

Blower power: 200w

Voltage: 220v 50hz

Dimension: 250*170*570mm

Package size: 450*430*295mm

Gross weight: 12kg

The air roaster needs to manual operate, variable models range from 50g, 150g, 350g, silverskin is automatically blown up and collected to the top chaff box when roasting, the roasting chamber adopts transparent high-temperature resistant quartz glass, can easily see the bean color changes and roasting level.

The airflow and firepower can be separately controlled as you wish, there's a separate module which is optional, allowing roaster connect to artisan by BlueTooth or USB, real-time recording curve, help you analyze and improve your roasting.

Pure air roasting method, smooth and easy operation panel, clean taste, high performance, and better roasting consistency.

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1P 220V 50Hz


150g artisan, 150g automatic, 150g standard, 350g artisan, 350g automatic, 350g standard, 50g automatic, 50g manual

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