Automatic 1kg coffee roasting machine for sale

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  • Double wall drum 1kg coffee roasting machine.
  • Automatic intelligent roaster, profile curve roasting.
  • Digit Electronic touch screen.
  • Real-time fire, temperature, wind display.
  • Real-time ROR display.
  • More convenient interactive design
  • Semi hot air/ semi direct Fire heating
  • Save 30% gas consumption compared to the same level gas roaster.
  • One-button drum warm-up, automatic constant temperature system.



Best automatic 1kg coffee roasting machine for sale

The ZHB-1200 PEAK Edmund automatic 1kg coffee roasting machine , adhering to the simple and elegant design, bringing a new intelligent roasting mode, the patented automatic roasting technology, which can free your hand not focusing on the roasting, save time and make it easier to experience fancy coffee roastery.

1kg coffee roasting machine

Specifications of automatic 1kg coffee roasting machine

Relative Humidity (RH): <95% Max Roast Capacity: 1.2kg
Operating Temperature: 0-40 ℃ Max Production: 4.8kg/Hour
Exhaust air temperature ≤200 ℃ Roaster Type: Semi hot Air
Roasting Time: Approx. 8-15 minutes Total Power: 340w
Liquid gas consumption: 0-0.3m³/h Cooling rotate speed: 23 r.p.m
Natural gas consumption: 0-0.6m³/h Drum rotate speed: 30-70 r.p.m
Hot air exhaust pipe: 76mm Hot air fan exhaust: 3.3 m³/min
Cooling exhaust pipe: 76mm Cooling air flow: 9.5m³/min
Chaffe Collector Size: 300*300*950 mm Chaff Collector Weight: 25kg
Machine Size: 1250*500*850mm Total Machine Weight: 132kg

 Solid and durable plywood crate packing ,  make sure transportation more safe for the 1kg coffee roasting machine. 

1kg coffee roasting machine for sale

1kg coffee roasting machine

Why Choose automatic 1kg coffee roasting machine?

save costs and increase profits.

Choose roast curves at will, automatic roasting, reduce labor, save roasting time.

Elegant appearance, enhance your brand image.

Professional automatic roasting system

High quality coffee beans can be roasted, novice or expert.

Manual roasting,  flavor and aroma as you wish.

Free adjust the airflow power & speed, control the roasting process, taste different flavors as you like.

Features of  automatic 1kg coffee roasting machine.

  • Double wall drum, super insulation, triple heating.
  • Digital touch screen.
  • Variable drum speed regulation.
  • Automatic profile curve roasting.
  • Triple safety protection system
  • One-button preheating, Automatic thermostat system.
  • One-button shutdown automatic cooling system.
  • Visualized dynamic changes of roasting curve.
  • Dynamics display fire power, temp., hot air & drum speed, ROR. 
  • Save 30% gas consumption compared to the same level roaster.
  • Unique design of fire row burner, adequate heat supply.
  • Gentle airflow wrapping drum, more uniform heat.

coffee roasting machine for sale
1kg coffee roasting machine for sale

Automatic 1kg coffee roasting machine

1kg coffee roasting machine
1kg coffee roasting machine screen


The left side of the screen shows the bean temperature, flow-in temperature, flow-out temperature and the corresponding heating rate.

Top right and bottom of the screen are: automatic / manual mode, roasting time, fire volume, airflow volume, drum speed.
The following row is: auto / curve button, setting button, cooling fan button, cooling and stirring button

Humanity design touch screen, sync control fire power, airflow volume, drum speed etc.

Automatic curve roast ROR real time display.

 Roasting curve visually present dynamic changes of the various indicators.

coffee roasting machine curve


In auto roast, firepower and airflow can be adjusted to correct the preset curve at any time.

double wall drum


1kg coffee roasting machine


honeywell burner


Double wall drum optimal insulation performance, fast thermal regulation response.

Roaster and barista can have more flexible control and roasts.

Allow the coffee beans present a richer and better flavor

HONEYWELL burner controller provides more precise heat supply.

More stable and fully gas conbustion, even the minimum firepower not easy flameoff.

Adopts VENTURI air inlet pipe design,  30% lower gas consumption compared to the same level gas coffee roaster.

1kg coffee roasting machine
Integrated design

1kg coffee roasting machine

Separate cooling fan and bean agitator

Automatic 1kg coffee roasting machine

OLED screen real-time curve display, profile repeatable

ZC Machinery specializes in supplying superior quality commercial coffee roasting equipment, Electrostatic Smoke Filter, coffee grinder, and coffee accessories at affordable prices and fast delivery time to meet your particular business requirements. Our skilled people with rich experiences to support you to be success in coffee field in anyway we can. We much concern about our customers and only provide the highest level of service, quality products and professional advice.

We are expecting to discuss with you about your business together.

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 128 × 53 × 88 cm

ZHB-1200 PEAK Edmund


1P 110V 60 Hz, 1P 220V 50Hz

Machine design

Semi hot air

Roasting Capacity


Cooling Pipe


Cooling Mixing Speed


Drum Speed


Roaster Dimension

125*50*85 cm

Drum Motor


Exhaust Pipe


Exhaust motor


Total Power





Standard Export Plywood crate

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