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50kg 60kg roasters

coffee bean destoner
2020 New Commercial Coffee Bean Destoner
Food grade Stainless steel 304. Small fontprint. User-friendly, easy operate.


40kg coffee roaster
40kg Coffee Roaster Machine

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Automatic Green Coffee Bean Loader

The automatic green bean loader is mainly used to lift  the green coffee beans into roaster hopper, it works automatically, labor saving and efficient.



black coffee destoner
Coffee Destoner for sale

Food grade Stainless steel 304.

Small fontprint.

destoner come with air voume adjustment.

User-friendly, easy operate.

can intergrate with any branded 20kg-200kg coffee roasters


Industrial Coffee Roaster 60Kg
Industrial Coffee Roaster 60kg Technical Data: Model No. : ZB-60 Roaster Type: Half direct fire and half hot air roasting Batch Capacity 60 kg /Per Drum Roast time 15-20 minutes Drum material 20mm thick Cast iron Capacity per Hour 120-180kg/Hour Heating: Natural Gas/LPG Gas consumption 1.7kg-7kg/hour(base on gas quality, roasting degree, temperature etc.) Electrical Power: […]


ZD 60Kg Gas Coffee Roaster for Sale

The Batch 60kg coffee roaster machine set includes 60kg hot air roaster, pheumatic green bean loader, coffee destoner etc.

It has PLC version and manual version available.


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