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200g 300g roasters

DIY coffee roaster
200g DIY Coffee Roaster

Batch roast 200g coffee beans.

15 minutes per batch

Stainless steel drum


black Hot Air Coffee Roaster
200g Hot Air Coffee Roaster For Sale

Max. roast 200g green beans.

7 minutes per batch

Digital temperature meter 

Stainless steel structure.


cast iron drum coffee roaster
200G Sample Coffee Roaster for Sale
  • Sample roasts 50g-200g/batch.
  • roasting time 6-15 minutes.
  • Cast-iron drum semi-hot air
  • Variable drum speed control.
  • Timer function.
  • OLED screen with the multi-modes display.
  • Removable cooling tray
  • Air cooling.
  • Individual chaff cyclone.
  • USB connects to windows, Mac.
  • WIFI connects to mobile, iPhone.
  • Gas heating (LPG or NG options)
  • Gas pressure indicator.
  • Stepless fire-control.
  • Venturi premix burner system.
  • 16C per minute temperature rising.
  • Bean temp. & hot air temp.& vent temp. measurement.


300g portable coffee roaster
300G Portable Coffee Roaster
DIY 300g portable coffee roaster for sale ZC Machinery specializes in supplying superior quality commercial coffee roasting equipment, Electrostatic Smoke Filter, industrial coffee grinder, and coffee accessories at affordable prices and fast delivery time to meet your particular business requirements. Our skilled people with rich experiences to support you to be success in coffee field […]


mini home coffee roaster
300g Smart Mini Home Coffee Roaster For Sale
  • Batch 50g-400g roasting with far infrared heating.
  • The heating adjustment from 0-100%
  • Air damper control from 0-100%.
  • Data storage and data calling available.
  • Automatic Running & constant running available.
  • Operation system: Windows, Android with Bluetooth connection


stove coffee roaster for sale
400G Gas Stove Coffee Roaster for Sale
400G Gas Stove Coffee Roaster for Sale

$195.00 $175.00

stovetop coffee roaster
400G Stovetop Coffee Roaster for Sale
  • Glass barrel design, the whole roasting process can be seen.
  • Can load up to 400g green beans, best 50-350g.
  • Quartz glass cylindrical drum, uniform heat conduction, and glass design insulates the odor caused by gas
  • Can use a kitchen stove or small gas stove to heat directly.
  • It is driven by a DC motor and automatically rotates to heat the coffee beans evenly.
  • Use 110V-220V input, universal. DC12V 3A adapter, default delivery national standard, American plug, other plugs, please contact customer service
  • Packing includes roasting machine x1, funnel x1, power adapter x1, Thermometer x1, manual (in English, if you need Chinese, please contact customer service to send the electronic version) spare screws x1

$190.00 $170.00

automatic hot air roaster
Automatic 300G Hot Air Roaster Preset curve Auto Roasting Cooling Coffee Beans
  • Batch Roast 350g.
  • Pure hot air roasting method.
  • Over Temperature Protection.
  • Knob Control on Air volume and Heat-power
  • Roasting and cooling two in one
  • PID smart control.
  • Curve Preset available, automatic roasting
  • Store 6 curves at a time.
  • Each curve can be set with 6 stages of roasting data.
  • Software auto-calculation, real-time curve recording.
  • Easy mastering White points, yellow points, Maillard, caramelization.


Hand Crank Coffee Roaster 300g

Batch roast 300g coffee beans.

Stainless steel drum grills

$65.00 $55.00

Hand Roast 150G Coffee Roaster Mini

Batch roast 300g coffee beans.

Stainless steel drum grills


direct fired coffee roaster
Home 1 lb Roasting Direct Fired Coffee Roaster with Cooling Exhaust 2 In 1 System for Sale
Home 1 lb Roasting Direct Fired Coffee Roaster with cooling exhaust 2 In 1 System for sale for sale


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