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Electrostatic Smoke Filters

ZC Machinery is China coffee roaster electrostatic smoke filters machine supplier and exporter. 

Do you have the experience that your neighbor compliant about the roasting smoke?

The trouble with the pungent odor, smoky smell and silver skin residues full of your house, mess your roasting and mood.

Hope to remove roasting smoke from your coffee roaster machine, but struggling to find a workable smoke removing device?

So ZC Machinery here offers your high-performance coffee roaster smoke filters with cheap prices.

International shipping available

These smoke filter machines special design for industrial coffee roasters, commercial coffee roasters, home coffee roasters.

Get a better and clean roast, 100% smoke-free, no worry about smoky smell and silver skin pollute your roastery house and roasted beans.

What is the Electrostatic Smoke Filter device?

Electrostatic Smoke Filters might also be called ESP .

and it's patent designed ESP smoke filtration device for your coffee roasting equipment. It works perfectly on roasting smoke, 100% smokeless.

Suitable for home, roastery house, coffee roasting company, etc.




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