October 14, 2018
10KG Commercial Automatic Smart Coffee Roaster for Sale
  • Batch 2 kg-12 kg load capacity
  • The heating adjustment from 0-100%
  • Air damper control from 0-100%
  • Data storage and data calling available.
  • Automatic Running & constant running available.
  • Operation system: Windows, Android with Bluetooth connection
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May 18, 2018
1kg coffee roaster for sale
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July 23, 2019
200G Sample Coffee Roaster for Sale
  • Sample roasts 50g-200g/batch.
  • roasting time 6-15 minutes.
  • Cast-iron drum semi-hot air
  • Drum speed 83 r.p.m.
  • Timer function.
  • OLED screen with multi-mode display.
  • Removable cooling tray
  • Air cooling.
  • Individual chaff cyclone.
  • USB data output & BlueTooth.
  •  Gas heating (LPG or NG options)
  • Gas pressure indicator.
  • Stepless fire-control.
  • Venturi premix burner system.
  • 16C per minute temperature rising.
  • Bean temp. & hot air temp.& vent temp. measurement.
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May 18, 2018
600g gas coffee roasters

Fast temperature rising rate.

Bigger capacity for Chaff collector.

Half-direct fire and half hot air roasting.

Quick cooling (2 minutes).

Mechanical damper exhaust air control

Variable roaster drum speed regulator.

Drum use top-quality insulation material, better heat preservation.

Safety heating and control system, over-temperature protection.

Data logger connect PC with visualized roasting curve (Optional)


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February 10, 2019
6kg coffee bean roaster machine
  • Specialty 6kg coffee bean roaster
  • Nature Gas or Propane Gas types
  • Batch roast 1kg-6kg.
  • Export Plywood package.
  • Artisan support


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June 7, 2013
Best Gas Commercial Coffee Roaster 2Kg

Cast-iron drum semi-hot air.

OLED screen

Venturi premix burner.

Heat management system

Overheat warning.

Mechanical damper adjust airflow.

Separate chaff collector

Independent cooling tray.

Real-time gas pressure indicator.

CE compliant.

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July 17, 2019
CY 1kg Electric Coffee Roaster for sale
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December 10, 2018
CY 2Kg Coffee Roaster Machine

Stainless steel drum CY 2kg coffee roaster machine for sale CY 2kg electric coffee roaster /gas coffee roaster for sale    ZC Machinery specializes in supplying superior quality commercial coffee roasting equipment, Electrostatic Smoke Filter, coffee grinder, and coffee accessories at affordable prices and fast delivery time in order to meet your particular business requirements. […]

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March 17, 2019
Full Automatic 30Kg Smart Coffee Roaster
  • Fire adjustment: 0-100%
  • Air damper adjustment: 0-100%
  • Data storage: support.
  • Data calling: support
  • Automatic Running: Support
  • Windows, Android operated.
  • Connection method: Bluetooth.
  • One year warranty and call or Email tech support.
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July 5, 2018
Gas Commercial 6kg Coffee Roaster For Sale

Stainless steel drum

Variable drum speed adjustable

Variable fan speed control. 

Japan Oron temperature controller

Bean temperature and hot air temperature display.

F or C degree can be converted into each other.

PC connect to Artisan available

Data logger, roasting curve available.


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July 5, 2018
Gas ZD 15kg coffee roaster



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February 6, 2019
Industrial Coffee Roaster 60kg

Industrial Coffee Roaster 60kg Technical Data: Model No. : ZB-60 Roaster Type: Half direct fire and half hot air roasting Batch Capacity 60 kg /Per Drum Roast time 15-20 minutes Drum material 20mm thick Cast iron Capacity per Hour 120-180kg/Hour Heating: Natural Gas/LPG Gas consumption 1.7kg-7kg/hour(base on gas quality, roasting degree, temperature etc.) Electrical Power: […]

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